Confusion to Joy

Confusion to Joy

Sorrow to Joy
Joy in sorrow is coming here
A tiny little spark at first
The tears are barely sown
The cracks still sore the pain so near

But something so much more has come

And it feels so bad there's no pretending
I've never felt such pain before
But I can see His suffering so much more clearly

His arms so close, his breath so near
His word wraps round me tightly

I cling to him and then I see He holds me first
I can only tread the present path
Through this valley of death
I cannot stay I cannot linger
Since he draws me on

Closer, cutting deeper, searing, wealing

Tomorrow comes though yesterday is not undone
I know he lives and he's always held me close
Terror and fear all around but he keeps me safe
And I see him
Revelation comes
He gives me calm and peace and rest.